House Etoile Ancienne

Living Area

The pleasure of having dinner by candlelight under a stony vaulted ceiling and then continuing your evening on Lake Como, sitting on a comfortable sofa facing a crackling fire in a nice fireplace or admiring the lights on the lake: welcome to House Etoile Ancienne, the ideal accommodation for your holidays in Bellagio!

Sleeping Area

When it is time to sleep two romantic bedrooms with wooden beams are waiting for you. The warmth of wooden walls and the attention to details will cherish your dreams.


The charm and the beauty that only a stony house built in the 1800s can have. Thanks to a nice patio you will be able to enjoy the barbecue and have a good meal sitting in front of it, a unique handcrafted balcony with a beautiful view of the lake and mountains. This is House Etoile Ancienne: are you ready to let yourself be conquered by Bellagio and its Lake?