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Your holiday home in Bellagio

Welcome to les Etoiles Bellagio, House les Etoiles and House Etoile Ancienne two wonderful detached houses located in Bellagio, Lombardia in the north of Italy.

Bellagio is known as "the Pearl of lake Como"  and is located exactly where the two branches of the lake meet in a tender hug, surrounded by mountains which frame its beauty.

From the two Houses les Etoiles Bellagio it is possible to admire this gorgeous and unique Italian landscape where beauty and history live harmoniously together.

The essential feature of House Les Etoiles is the breathtaking view which welcomes you on your arrival and continues on the unique, handcrafted  balcony,  made of wood and corten slabs which thanks to some lights create a sky with stars and planets.

The attention to details and the passion the owners spent on restoring the two houses (maintaining their historical features) and on welcoming guests made Les Etoiles Bellagio two real international stars in holiday home in Bellagio.

The guests we were pleased to welcome are from most part of the world: Germany, France, England, USA, Australia, The Netherlands, Spain, Scandinavia and Russia.

Les Etoiles Bellagio, what are you waiting for? Your holiday home is here, you just have to book!